Alison Granucci, founder and director of Blue Flower Arts, represents some of the most distinguished and acclaimed writers and speakers of our time for readings, lectures, conferences, and special events at colleges, universities, performing arts theaters, residencies, festivals, corporations, or private functions.

To find out more about Blue Flower Artists, simply click on their name to be brought to their individual web page. There you will find a detailed bio, photo, sample of their work, and any relevant links. Our client list continues to grow so check back frequently for new and exciting additions to our roster.

To book an author or speaker for an appearance, contact us by phone: 845-677-8559, or by Email: or We are friendly here, we love to help, and we pass along every invitation and offer we receive to our clients.

If you would like further information or recommendations, we are happy to speak with you in person and help you choose the best artist to suit your needs. Blue Flower Arts is a personal, hands-on company. We care about our artists, and we care about you. We strive always to make the best possible match. If you are looking for an author or speaker who is not on our roster, we can also assist you with finding that speaker and broker the engagement, at no extra cost to you.


If you are an author or speaker looking for representation, please write a letter of inquiry to Please note that we have an extensive waiting list, and we greatly appreciate your patience. It may take us two or three months to write back.