About Blue Flower Arts

Blue Flower Arts – Dedicated to the beauty of words.

Blue Flower Arts, LLC was founded by Alison Granucci in 2005. Today we represent many of today’s most distinguished, thought-provoking, and acclaimed poets, novelists, memoirists, and filmmakers for readings, lectures, conferences, and residencies at colleges, universities, theaters, festivals, and community venues. We are committed to fostering poetry and literature in this country, and we are proud to support international literature as part of our mission. We also represent some exciting young voices and invest in the next generation of writers and poets. At Blue Flower Arts, we excel at connecting the right artist with the right venue, and with placing authors to fit a specific theme, such as social justice, human rights, the natural world, or faith. We have years of experience in programming, presenting, producing, and performing and bring that experience to bear in making the best possible program for you.

To book an author or speaker for an appearance, please contact us by phone or Email. We are friendly, gracious, and happy to help. If you would like recommendations, we will assist you in making the best choice to suit your needs. Blue Flower Arts is a personal, hands-on company. We care about our artists, and we care about you. If you are looking for an author or speaker who is not on our roster, we can also assist you with finding that speaker and broker the engagement.

Alison Granucci
PO Box 1361, Millbrook New York 12545
Phone: (845) 677-8559
Email: alison@blueflowerarts.com

Blue Flower Arts is named after the unfinished short story “Heinrich von Ofterdingen” by the 18th century German poet Novalis. The young hero’s quest for the blue flower, his poetry, then became a symbol used by the Romantic poets for the soul’s unfolding—and so has come to us as an emblem for the poetic transcendence of life. We are proud to work with a range of writers and speakers all of whom hold in their creative work a sense of our yearning for that which is unattainable but necessary to the richness and meaningfulness of existence.